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The Granite Advantage Health Care Program, more commonly known as Medicaid expansion,  is a  a unique New Hampshire solution that ensure that all Granite Staters have access to quality and affordable health care. 

219,000+ Granite Staters have utilized Medicaid expansion to access health care services since its inception in 2014. Medicaid expansion covers individuals who earn $18,075 or less per year (or less than $36,908 for a family of four). 

Through Medicaid expansion, enrollees are able to access physical, mental, dental and recovery health services, fill prescriptions, and seek emergency care. Insurance plans are provided by AmeriHealth Caritas New Hampshire, NH Healthy Families or Wellsense Health Plan. 

Medicaid expansion is New Hampshire's best tool in the fight against the ongoing substance use and mental health crises. The program has helped expand the state's substance use and mental health treatment capacity. 

The future of Medicaid expansion is in the hands of New Hampshire lawmakers in 2023. Without reauthorization by the state legislature, Medicaid expansion will expire on December 31, leaving thousands of Granite Staters without access to affordable health care. 

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